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Tony McCorry

British Estates

21 February - 22 March 2003



Throughout his career as an artist, the subject matter that McCorry has explored is that of the urban landscape, expressing autobiographical experiences of growing up on city estates: recalling incidents of loss, violence anger and frustration. The artist has developed this theme by seeking out and documenting new environments which trigger for him these reverberations of memory, whilst refining his technical methods of creating the paintings, with a view to broaden his discourse. The aim of British Estates is to encourage debate on the wider nature of social housing.



To this end, McCorry will be juxtaposing large scale paintings which result from two concurrent bodies of work. The main body being paintings of British estates at differing stages of decay. These images are the product of a research project documenting areas of social housing in densely populated areas of England, Scotland and Wales, (project supported by West Midland Arts). These are to be shown alongside the first work from a project depicting social housing as portrayed in popular British television programmes.