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Empathy workshop for children

24th October 2017

10.30am - 3.30pm

The workshop starts at Standpoint Gallery before setting off on a field trip to explore the period gardens of close-by Geffrye Museum. Lead by artist Sarah Lawton and artist educator Beatrice Bless, young participants will search for patterns in nature and take drawings and rubbings of their findings.

Once back in the gallery, young people will practice mirroring each-others gestures before they have a go at practicing traditional Indian dance gestures to explore what they might mean. Together we will share stories through language and through movement.

The final part of the workshop involves paired block-printing. Young people will select two or more figurative blocks to make patterns, based on their collections taken during the morning garden visit showing the symmetry in nature.

Throughout the day young people will learn different craft techniques and print their final artwork on paper and on Khadi* cloth. All textile samples have been sourced during the artist’s residency in Ahmedabad, India. *Khadi cloth is hand-spun and hand-woven fabric.




period gardens





Standpoint is excited to announce this year's Summer Holiday Craft Activities of their initiative 'In Your Hands'.

'In Your Hands' launched in 2016 with over 96 young people engaging with the process of making by experimenting with the nature of materials in the setting of professional artists’ studios.

From our home at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton, East London we will be running two week-long courses teaching the craft skills in ceramics, letterpress printmaking and illustration.

ed pic

This summer’s theme: Games

Over the 5 day course professional artist educators will help young people (aged 8-14) research and develop ideas on traditional games and inventing new ones! Participants will:

Collaborating artists are: MizuyoYamashita (ceramics), Emily Rand (illustration, Tom + Trounce (illustration) and Beatrice Bless (letterpress printmaking)

Dates are:
Week 1: 24 July - 28 July, 10.30am - 3.30pm
Week 2: 31 July - 4 August, 10.30am - 3.30pm


Link for bookings

Extended Care until 5pm available at an extra cost of £15

Places are subject to availability.

ed pic2


or Beatrice Bless 07948479430

Please share on instagram: @standpointedu, @standpointgallery
Twitter: @standpointgal


Standpoint Futures @ Chisenhale Studios

Nicola Dale | An Era of Abbreviation | Thursday 22nd June 7-9pm

At the completion of her six-week residency, Nicola Dale presents new work arising from her research into art historian Aby Warburg’s photographic collection at The Warburg Institute. Nicola has selected and abbreviated 89 images and translated them into an eight-metre wall drawing, in turn used as a choreographic score by contemporary dancer Chloe Aliyanni.

Studio 4, Chisenhale Studios, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ
Please buzz the office for entry or call 020 8981 1916






Beth Collar - In Conversation with Phoebe Blatton

Fri 26th May @ 1pm

beth ex

Beth Collar is the current recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award on show at the Standpoint Gallery until the 27th May.

Phoebe Blatton is a writer of fiction and criticism, based in Berlin, Germany, and London, U.K. She is editor of The Coelacanth Press, whose publications include The Coelacanth Journal, and a re-issue of Brigid Brophy's 1956 novel, The King of a Rainy Country. Her latest writing features in Frieze and ArtReview, and on Anna M. Szaflarski's fiction podcast Letters to the Editors.


After-school Craft Club at Standpoint Studios, Hoxton

A group of young people aged 8-14 meet once a week after school from 4.15pm to 5.45pm at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton. In collaboration with Phytology, a Nature Reserve in Bethnal Green we create hand-made booklets based on our personal research on the amazing wildlife of BATS! 
Cost: £120 per child *
Venue: Standpoint Studios,
45 Coronet Street, N1 6HD London



AJ Stockwell | Fadic Rock

Thursday 27 April 7-9pm

Chisenhale Studios. 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ.

At the culmination of her six-week residency, Standpoint Futures is pleased to present AJ Stockwell | Fadic Rock.
Clay, sound and a stage come together to reveal a point in time that has been lost to history. The work draws on AJ’s ongoing research into the Society of White Rock, a community centered round the preservation of precious porcelain, and its customs and folk traditions.

Elements of museum display and theatre design are employed to accompany a soundtrack of repeat rhythms and tones, in an effort to sing the fadic rock back into present time. This singing of the rock mirrors a folk custom of ‘singing the land’ emerging from AJ’s memories of her maternal connection to the Western Isles.

The 'fadic rock’ is a material lost in time, a fiction born of physical stuff, a utopic material fetish.

During the evening, AJ will speak about her research with Fiona MacDonald (artist and Director of Standpoint Futures) as a performed ‘in conversation’ event.

To book a place and help us out please RSVP through Eventbrite

Studio 4, Chisenhale Studios, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ
Please Buzz the Office for entry or call 020 8981 1916





Current residency artist Simon Bayliss public event

Thursday 2 March 8-10pm


For the culmination of his Standpoint Futures residency Simon Bayliss is collaborating with artists and musicians working with pop music, rave and live performance. The event has developed through conversations with Sian Dorrer performing as Acid Prawn, and Susie Green who collaborates with Bayliss as Splash Addict.

The idea of metamorphosis stems from Splash Addict’s latest track, a dance cover of ‘Smalltown Boy’ by Bronski Beats, the lyrics of which describe a painful life-transition from oppressive parochial sexual-conservatism to urban liberation.

Acid Prawn’s piece ‘What Women Do’ (featuring Joey Four) features live soundtrack, online make-up tutorials and sandwich making. Rafal Zajko will be performing a psychedelic sound work in collaboration with pop singer Zoee. Lobsta B aka Leon Bayliss, will be DJing a ‘pop-rave megamix’.

Studio 4, Chisenhale Studios, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ

Please Buzz the Office for entry or call 020 8981 1916





London Craft Week | Saturday 7 May

Link to more information and booking:

Standpoint Studios | Workshops and tours | Open Studio | Saturday 7 May

Saturday 12 April

A Discussion on Hierarchy and Influence, with The Workers

Lucy Clout, Susan Collis, Aileen Harvey and Caitlin Hinshelwood join Standpoint curator Fiona MacDonald for a discussion around their experiences and interpretations of the overt and covert manifestations of hierarchy in the artworld.

The artists will also discuss how their individual working practices have been challenged, altered and enriched by each other, through their years of interactivity as studio assistants in Susan Collis' studio. Notably, Collins' studio is a female dominated environment. We will also ask - what difference does this make?

Saturday 12th March at 2pm - free to attend, no booking necessary.
Exhibition: 26 February - 2 April 2016 (closed Easter weekend)




Saturday 5 December 2pm

Eye Eye curators - Thorbjørn Anderson and Flore Nové Josserand introduce the artists the work and the concepts operating in Casual Gesture.

Works by: Claudia Djabbari, Florian Meisenberg, Grégoire Motte, Laurence Payot, Philip Ewe, Luke McCreadie and Bruce McLean.


Saturday 31 October 4pm

Natural Staking | Panel Discussion | Sensibility, Continuity and Contingency

The panel will be comprised of artists Simon Bayliss, Susan Taylor, Alexis M Teplin and Sherman Sam and chaired by Natural Staking exhibition curator Dan Howard-Birt.

'How do the factors that surround and inform the making of a painting / an exhibition crystallise in an object / event, and how does the object embrace it's mutable future?'

The discussion will think about painting and other pigmented surfaces in relation to the evolving hypotheses of potentiality, expanded field, the transitive and occult or arcane irrationality.

PLEASE NOTE: The event is free to attend, but seating is limited





Thinking the Making: Exhibition, open studios and demonstrations

Standpoint Gallery is pleased to present ceramics by internationally acclaimed artists Nicola Tassie and Stuart Carey; lithos and etchings by Paupers Press - featuring artists Charles Avery and Rosie Snell; letterpress prints by New North Press, and woodcuts by Peter Ashton Jones.

The exhibition and event will offer insights into the process, materials and technology involved in each craft, alongside displaying some of the beautiful finished works, many of which are for sale.

Join us for a special opening event on Tuesday 22 September 6-9pm, which until 7.30pm will allow you special access to look around Standpoint artists' studios, get first hand information about the skills involved in making the works displayed, and watch technical demonstrations by the artists. There will also be an opportunity to try your hand at making a letterpress print.

Opening hours: Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm

This event is part of Shoreditch Design Triangle, and the event on Tuesday is kindly supported by Grolsch.






Laura Reeves and Phil Owen, Writer and Researcher at Arnolfini's Reading Room, Bristol, present an evening of conversations and readings to launch Laura's artist-book - Honest.

Wednesday 9th September 7pm

Laura's invitation to you:
"I have worked with Phil a number of times. I met with him recently to discuss we would do for this event. We tried to pin-point the first time we met and neither of us could remember. Phil has visited one of my previous studios, I've presented at Tertulia - a salon event that Phil has been running alongside Megan Wakefield for almost five years now. Phil also wrote a text called Dear Laura, a personal letter, and he informed me of my doppelganger, Laura Reeves the American bodybuilder.

Before we met I prepared a selection of books and scanned pages of text I thought he would like and were somehow related to the content of my publication. Then the computer crashed and I lost it all. I sulked. Then decided to 'go with the flow' and see what happened when we met. I shouldn't have worried. Phil is conversation-led, and if anything, pre-planning was a mistake.

Honest is an artist-book. The book is part two of the recent show at MOSTYN containing excerpts from my Worksheets series comprising autobiographical prose, short fiction, found images and an imaginary artwork.

Me and Phil will be performing some sections from the book and reading from related texts, and Phil will be reading some vignettes / reinterpretations of the photographs."

Laura Reeves was the artist-in-residence representing Wales as part of Standpoint Futures programme in 2014.









Wednesday 5 August at 7pm

Phallacy | Brian J Morrison | Standpoint Futures event

Phallacy is a performance by artist Brian J Morrison and the culmination of his six week Standpoint Futures residency.




Wednesday 10 June at 7pm

Thomas Goddard | Standpoint Futures event | An Interview with Thomas Goddard

(Tom was asked to send some thoughts about his time at Standpoint and the event on 10th June. This is his response, unedited.)

It is always about a line between fact and fiction. What is the truth? You can't handle the truth! Oh don't start that again…

It's looking at the idea of representing Wales. Flattered. 

Realising that getting to any milestone is about an accumulation of help and support, about collaborating it's not just about you. F*ck the idea of genius. That's what Cerbyd was about. Showing the similarities between people, not dividing them. Against the idea of a messiah. Against the idea of eulogising artists and turning them into Jesus. Against the idea of David Bowie. David Bowie was great because of the amazing people he worked with that complemented him.

So I'm working with past collaborators on some of the pieces. The mentoring for Standpoint and Creative Wales is an accumulation of that perhaps.


Thomas Goddard works across design, drawing, photography, film and performance exploring the relationship between place, community, culture and fiction. Goddard’s work looks at the relationship between the individual and society, the role of misinformation through the media and its effects on contemporary culture through the power of suggestibility and misattribution. His work examines the line between truth and fiction; how harnessing public anxieties is exemplified by endless facts and sources in an obsessive repetition through the axis of a modern world where choices are seemingly endless.

Goddard received a Creative Wales Award for 2015/16 and will be artist in residence at Standpoint until 26th June. His next major exhibition will be held as part of Uprisings at Mostyn, Llandudno opening on 17th July 2015.


Wednesday 27 May at 7pm

Kate Lyddon Artists Talk / Publication launch and reading by Alice Butler

Kate Lyddon’s practice spans painting, drawing and sculpture. The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award has supported her to develop the sculptural aspect of her practice over the course of the last 12 months. Kate will talk about the things that inform her practice and the works in the exhibition.

On the same evening Standpoint will be launching the publication accompanying the show, with an essay by Alice Butler and photographs by Mark Blower. Alice Butler is a writer and editor based in London who won the Frieze Writer's Prize in 2012, and is currently Writer In Residence at Jerwood Visual Arts.

The event is free to attend and there is no need to book.


Friday 29 May


Nicola Tassie and Kate Lyddon lead a combined practical workshop and theoretical discussion, which quizzes and discusses the current upsurge of interest in clay as a central material in contemporary art practice, and how this impacts upon or emerges from functional ceramic practice.

While teaching specific making skills the seminar will elaborate upon and promote discussion around the interaction between (or mutual avoidance of) contemporary studio ceramics practice and contemporary art practice which emphasises ceramics as a material.

Attendance at the workshop is free but there will be a fee of £12 to cover materials and lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: This seminar workshop is only accessible by application - the deadline to apply is Wednesday 13 May at 12 noon.

For more information and to apply please download the PDF here


Wednesday 13 May - 19.00

In conversation and open discussion with Andrea Francke

For this event our current Standpoint Futures resident artist Collette Rayner will present a short publication of new material made during her residency. This will coincide with an open discussion and ‘in conversation’ with Andrea Francke. Please join us for food and drink from 7pm.

Collette Rayner's practice focuses on model-making as a methodology and as a subject of research. Throughout the residency her work has focused on investigations into the insular world of hobbyists, model makers and micro nationalists and aspects of privacy and piracy surrounding each organisation’s assertion of craft, capital and community structures.

Collette Rayner (b. 1990 Dundee) lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2012.

Andrea Francke  (b.1978 Lima, Peru) is a graduate of Open School East whose most recent projects include The Piracy Project, a collaboration with Eva Weinmayr that explores authorship, copyright and publishing and Invisible Spaces of Parenthood, with Kim Dhillon.  She is currently working towards opening a pub with Eva Rowson and Ross Jardine as a way to enact their research on administering, hosting and nurturing in an everyday practice.

Saturday 9 May


Ceramic studio participatory demonstration
09/05/2015 15.30-16.30

Two of the ceramic artists with studios at the Standpoint gallery, Nicola Tassie and Stuart Carey, will offer visitors first-hand insights into their respective practices, displaying their current works in progress, demonstrating throwing and decorating techniques and giving attendees the chance make their own forms through pinch pottery and faceting.

For more info and to book please click here

Letter-Press participatory demonstration at New North Press 09/05/2015 10.30-11.30

Hand-setting wood and metal type and printing on Albion and Columbian presses, the studio produces commissions and its own poster editions. The press aims to keep the craft of letterpress alive through regular workshops and events, and, as part of Craft Week, Graham Bignell and Beatrice Bless will demonstrate how to print one of their bespoke posters. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how to set from the press's vast range of typefaces and operate the hand-pulled presses.

Letterpress workshop is SOLD OUT

The open studios will take place from 12pm to 3pm with guided tours 1pm and 2pm, and there will be a talk covering how to set up an artist-run space, the relationship between exhibiting and making, and current craft/arts practice.



Wednesday 25th March - 7pm

Zoe Williams - Standpoint Futures Residencies 2015

Screening & In Conversation with Dr Katherine Angel

For this event our current Standpoint Futures resident artist, Zoe Williams, will present a screening of new material made during the residency. Followed by an ‘In Conversation’ with historian, writer and Wellcome Trust Fellow - Dr Katherine Angel, whose work deals with questions of sexuality, feminism and desire.

Those attending the event will be invited to engage physically with some of the objects and personal care products that Williams' has been working with; including body butters, oils and scent. An aromatic drink created specifically for the event will also be served throughout the evening.


Saturday 21 March 4pm

No-one Lives in the Real World discussion event with the artists and curators of the exhibition.


Wednesday 28 January 2015 7pm

A discussion event to accompany the exhibition Footnotes Playing Dead. Join us - Oreet Ashery, Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Idit Elia Nathan for ‘in conversation’ event facilitated by Dr. Daniel Rubinstein. The discussion will reflect on what it might mean to be from Israel with its contested past bleeding into the present and make work in the UK today. It will explore the terrain between making work politically and making political work and examine some of the themes fromFootnotes Playing Dead exhibition regarding responsibility and complicity.


Thursday 22 January 16.30

Idit Elia Nathan: an interactive guided tour through her exhibition, discussing the political and personal contexts within which it was made. This event is for the SOAS Centre for Jewish Studies but is open to the public.

Wednesday 3 December 6.30pm

Ana Genovés presents an illustrated talk on ideas related to her practice.

The talk is free to attend, and will refer to interconnected aspects of Genovés' work and ideas. Genovs will show a selection of her collection of source photographs. These images, which are carefully hoarded and repeatedly consulted - a kind of personal sculptural pornography - reveal the vernacular sources of some of her forms and methodologies.

The work of Ana Genovés operates between the boundaries of making, faking and destruction. Her 'failed geometric' forms echo the shapes and textures of the objects with which we arrange and order our social and civil space, that she sees as often defaulting to the logic of geometry to suggest an appearance or aesthetic of control. The ambiguous functionality of her objects, their surfaces suggestive of entropic processes, undermine this attempt at control, and reveal a futile binary opposition of intention and inevitability.


Saturday 18 October at 4pm

Nicola Tassie in conversation with Stuart Carey

Ceramicists Nicola Tassie and Stuart Carey will introduce and discuss the diversity of the work in the exhibition CRAFT, explaining some of the ideas and inspiration behind the exhibition, as well as giving a unique insight into Nicola's processes, materials and techniques.



Sunday 5th October 2014

Making Art at Standpoint 11.30am-12.30pm / 2-3pm


Come and re-imagine Hoxton's past. Make funny farm animals out of clay, or map the historic area of Standpoint onto copper plates and print them in the etching studio. Make amazing paintings on canvas of the old farmlands, fields and gardens of Hoxton, or set everyday stories from our vast library of wooden and metal typefaces and create unique posters in our letterpress studio.

Children from 6 years and upwards are welcome. Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult.

Sign up at the door or email with the subkect line 'Making Standpoint'.



Monday 23 June 2014

Click below to hear Discussion 3 - David Cross and others (the beginning is chopped off, David is reacting to the introduction of £9000 per year tuition fees).

Discussion 3

NETWORK WORTH: How artists can benefit / be restricted by their work with institutions (eg art schools, funders, galleries, local government, wider commercial framework)


Moderator: David Cross artist and Reader at University of the Arts London will introduce each speaker just by name, and will then give his overview of the discussion topic, with reference to his work within UAL and as an artist working in the public sphere.

Russell Martin artist, programme manager of Artquest and co-founder of Rational Rec will give an insight into the particular pressures that London-based artists are subject to with regard to how they reach / open a conversation with / get noticed by institutions they want to work within the city's dense and complex art world.

Anthony Schrag artist based in Edinburgh, working internationally in socially engaged practice will offer examples of the projects he has developed in response to a tricky brief, particularly those working with local government bodies.

Teresa Gleadowe curator and writer, director of The Cornwall Workshop will discuss the projects and networks she has instigated since her move to Cornwall in 2010, and how her thoughts on current artist resources available within different regions across the UK.

Questions our panels addressed:

1. London versus the UK artworld: how do we differ, compete and interact?
2. ART-DIY: What do artist-led / artist-focused organisations and initiatives achieve?
3. NETWORK WORTH: How artists can benefit / be restricted by their work with institutions 

Confirmed speakers include:

David Powell - researcher and co-author of recently published PLACE Report and Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital

Ellen Mara De Wachter - independent writer and curator, currently Curator, Public Collection Development at Contemporary Arts Society

Cheryl Jones - director of Grand Union, Birmingham

Anthony Gross - artist and founding director of Enclave, London; and previouslyTemporaryContemporary

Dr Megan Wakefield - recently completed a PhD researching peer learning amongst artists outside of formal educational systems, Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol

Laura Reeves - artist based in Swansea

Kwong Lee - director of Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Mary Vettise - artist and co-founder of Artists' Union England

Pippa Koszerek - artist, is a-n staff member of AIR Council leaders of the a-n & AIR Paying Artists Campaign

Anthony Schrag - artist based in Edinburgh, working internationally in socially engaged practice

Teresa Gleadowe - curator and writer, director of The Cornwall Workshop

David Cross - artist and Reader at University of the Arts London

David Hoyland - director of Seventeen Gallery, London

Russell Martin
- artist, programme manager of Artquest and co-founder of Rational Rec

Paul Moss - director of Workplace Gallery