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Born to Rule: Offcial Portraits of the Big Society

A durational performance by 'Born to Rule'
(Jordan McKenzie & Aaron Williamson)

Exhibition: 6 - 16th April 2011

- Born to Rule

British Art in recent years has been swamped by offerings (mostly naff) from people who were never really cut out for such purpose. Born to Rule aim to reverse this trend and put art back in the hands of those who know what it is for and how it should be created. The hands, that is, of the ruling class.

With the correct political order now re-instated in Great Britain, it is only natural that some sort of aesthetic rejuvenation must follow. The artists, who fully sign up to the innovative 'Big Society' movement are ready and willing to paint YOUR portrait to commemorate this evolutionary social development.

Sign up and your portrait, painted live in the Gallery, will form the centrepiece of a uniquely excellent and properly presented exhibition. The picture will feature your painted portrait surrounded by quintessential pastoral English scenery featuring rolling hills, dreaming spires, an oak tree and perhaps a castle.

Born to Rule will set up their painting studio Atelier Régle at Standpoint for a period of eight days, equipped only with the tools of their trade, a suitable wardrobe; with no more than two valets and a single butler to assist them. The heroism of the artist's endurance of this gruelling project - akin to a Victorian expedition to virgin territory - will be appreciated by art lovers everywhere

Since the artists would rather that the Standpoint Gallery do not live off generous public handouts, there will be a turnstile entrance at the door with a small fee for entry - make sure you bring a 20 pence piece or you will be disappointed!

Jordan McKenzie is a performance artist who has presented work both nationally and internationally for over fifteen years. Notable exhibitions also include Arnolfini, Bristol 2010-11 'What Next for the Body, presented at InBetweenTime Festival and Exhibitionism at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London 2010. Jordan was also co-ordinator of Braziers International Artists Workshop, an organisation that curated, ran and administrated the cultural and creative exchange of world class artists in Oxfordshire for over fifteen years. Jordan is also a lecturer in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Art (UAL) and Kingston University.

Aaron Williamson has created performances and videos in many countries: Greenland, Japan, US, China, South America and throughout Europe. He completed a Doctorate on performance and writing at the University of Sussex, (1997). Awards include a 3-Year AHRC Fellowship at the University Central England, (2004 - 07); the Helen Chadwick Fellowship at Oxford University and the British School at Rome, (2001 - 02); Cocheme Fellowship at Byam Shaw, University of London (08 - 09). He was the Adam Reynolds Bursarist at Spike Island, Bristol for a residency February to April 2010.
Williamson is the founder of the disability artist's collective 15mm Films and is one half of the Disabled Avant-Garde (with Katherine Araniello). A retrospective of Williamson's solo and collaborative video works was exhibited by Spike Island in 2010. An artist's monograph, 'Aaron Williamson: Performance/ Video/ Collaboration' was published by Live Art Development Agency in 2008

McKenzie and Williamson collborated to present 'Two Shamans Trapped in a Lift' for the multi site event Shamanimal curated by Fiona MacDonald at Standpoint in 2009.