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The Explorers

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Simon Linington, William Mackrell, Elise Rasmussen

3 February - 5 March 2011

Standpoint is pleased to present the work of three artists whose explorative proclivities lead them to develop work in response to problems and histories, whether in the far flung places of the world or in their back yard.

Simon Linington (UK) sets up tests and trials to investigate the ability of matter (often his own body) to perform measurable tasks. Exploring limitations, inventing problems, measuring outcomes: whether being filmed negotiating all the obstacles he encounters whilst circling the absolute perimeter of his boyhood home of the Isle of Wight, or mimicking the ship the Explorer by lying in the waves in a red and white swimsuit, Linington's activities have a faux scientific origin flavoured with comedic absurdity.

William Mackrell (UK) also tests the limitations of objects, being particularly interested in their durability and sustainability. In the video installation, Three Points of View, two broken fluorescent tubes lean against one another in the corner of the room. Their intermittent flashing is captured for as long as the tubes remain even slightly active. The resulting film is installed in the same corner, producing a eternal loop of self-reference.

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In the video, 1000 Candles, one thousand candles are presented in a closed circle and lit. Once the attempt has been made to light all candles, they are recorded alternately sputtering and flaming (candles placed this close together exhaust their neighbour's oxygen) until total darkness is reached.

Linington and Mackrell are studio mates, they discuss their work intimately and collaborate occasionally. For The Explorers they will roll (or otherwise manipulate) their combined bodyweight in clay through the streets from their studio off Mare Street in Hackney, to Standpoint in Hoxton.

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Elise Rasmussen (Canada/USA) utilizes historical narratives as inspiration to create new works of contemporary relevance. Working in Newfoundland in 2009, Rasmussen developed work considering aspects of local culture, how it is being preserved and redefined in the present day. The Explorers presents a selection of this larger project, including portraits of Newfoundland women based on William Gosse's painting of Shanawdithit (the last Beothuk), and large-scale photographs that draw from stories specific to their locale and act as a microcosm to examine larger issues such as concepts of representation, colonization and the displacement of native peoples.