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John Lawrence, Joe Watling John Lawrence, Joe Watling John Lawrence, Joe Watling

John Lawrence & Joe Watling

20 January - 18 February 2012

Introduced and invited by Matilda Strang, John Lawrence and Joe Watling have collaborated to produce the show SCREENING. Negotiating a shared platform for their individual practices, agendas and perspectives; Strang, Lawrence and Watling have attempted to develop a framework for their collective interests.

Bringing together the spatial and architectural sensibility of Watling’s practice and the subtle editing and remixing of Lawrence’s video work, SCREENING reconfigures the architecture of the gallery space at Standpoint to produce one installation that both emphasises and alters the constructs of moving image, and the constructs of physical space. Exploring a spatial dimension with video that accedes to the condition of sculpture, sourced footage is cut, cropped, layered, reduced and remixed to expose or conceal elements of video that in turn reflect the very staging of it.

Curated by Matilda Strang.