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The Smallest Composite Number

Brian Sayers Clive Hodgson Damien Meade

Clive Hodgson, Damien Meade, Brian Sayers, Vicky Wright

Exhibition: 20 April - 19 May 2012

This exhibition of works by four painters addresses a ‘consciousness’ about what painting is in relation to picture making. Still life and or ‘containment’, appropriation, authorship and ‘framing’ are models that run through the exhibition.

Clive Hodgson’s small paintings of objects in the studio - a coffee cup, books and brushes have an immediate, quick and dry material quality, characterising a sort of signature of mark making which is counter-pointed by the inclusion of his ‘signature’ paintings.

Damien Meade’s very pictorial paintings are developed from photographs he takes of objects he makes with modelling clay and wire. The object and the process of appropriating the ‘picture’ gives each subject – such as a head or foot - an emblematic presence.

Brian Sayers’ ‘table-top’ paintings of vessels massed together and which ‘sit’ on the picture plane have an odd sense of suspension. The ‘painting’ is free of the vessels it describes but is simultaneously about the thing in itself. The multiple compartments provide different pockets or windows of measured views.

Vicky Wright’s ‘frame’ paintings are built up with open gestural layers that morph from fluid movement to a congealed suggestion of an organic form with human associations. The self-consciousness of the frame and the suspension of the evolution of subject made with a gestural manner create an odd space that gives equal emphasis to the surface of the painting and the image/picture.

Curated by Peter Ashton Jones.