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Anthony Schrag

Residency Artist 2011

Anthony Schrag Anthony Schrag Anthony Schrag Anthony Schrag Anthony Schrag

Research visit: 7 – 19 February 2011
Residency dates: 27 June – 29 July 2011

Event: Hoxton Community Gardens, July 2011
Talk and presentation: July 2011

During his residency the following people visited Anthony in the studio:

Rachel Anderson, Head of Interaction, Artangel
Marijke Steedman, Curator, Community Programme, Whitechapel Gallery
Katie Orr, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Gasworks
Laura Wilson, Education Organiser at Chisenhale
Frances Williams, Head of Education, South London

Gallery Off-site visits:

Meeting with Teresa Cisneros, Education Curator at Iniva
Meeting with Andreas Lang, Co-founder of Public Works
Meeting with Engage at The Showroom Gallery

Following on from his two-week research visit at Standpoint in February, Anthony explored the relation between 'process-based' work and the expectations of what art can (or should) do. Anthony also be re-visited the relationship between his socially engaged practice and the opportunities afforded by a conventional gallery presentation.

He wanted to develop a project with the people local to the gallery – especially those who work in the shops on Hoxton Street and live in the large council estates off Hoxton Street. Name Your Neighbour was a viseo project where Anthony asked local people of they knew the names of their immediate neighbours – the resulting 10 minute film displays the breadth of the local population, addressed how the community had changed, and celebrated how connected the community actually still is.

Event in Hoxton Community Gardens, July 201

Anthony developed a special event with the local community at the Hoxton Community Gardens on Saturday 23 July. I don't know you people… why are you here? was a five sided Tug-of-War competition, a meet your neighbour event, and an opportunity to eat plenty of cake - good times! There were 75 people who actively participated, and many more who Anthony and the Standpoint team spoke with in Hoxton Street at the market.