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Exhibition:19 January - 17 February 2007

Curated by Caroline List & Isabel Young

Artists - Max Attenborough, Kate Belton, Sigrid Holmwood, Caroline List, Erika Winstone, Isabel Young.

Dealing with fabricated spaces, landscapes and pseudo identities, Artificial Glory brings together 6 artists who all engage with the realm of artifice, so generating their own personal invented worlds. Artifice has a lifelessness, a fakery that draws you in; it creates an ambiguous ‘second nature’ that leaves you suspended between belief and disbelief. ArtificialGlory presents moments removed from the everyday, which traverse reality and fiction - transporting the viewer momentarily into a parallel visual world.   

Isabel Young The Sacrifice 2006

Isabel Young’s work emerges from a fascination with the otherness of the underwater world and the animal kingdom. Young spends much of her research time at zoos and aquariums examining the ‘interior landscapes’ that house a simulated natural world. Referencing these claustrophobic artificial environments and display mechanisms, her paintings form a hybrid cubby-hole like space, traversing landscape and still life genres.

Kate Belton Aftermath 1 2006

Kate Belton photographs her highly coloured reconstructions of interiors, exploring the blurred line between painting and photography. Akin to film stills, the photographs present humorous (but often tragic) scenes, in which the viewer is invited to psychologically unravel a suggested narrative. Belton is inspired by the traces of activities that suggest unfinished stories.


Max Attenborough Boys Toys 2006

Max Attenborough constructs intricate models of miniature hyper-real landscapes and environments. These microcosms, presented as models and films, seduce the viewer with architectural structures and romantic landscapes. The result is a perplexing reality that is neither wholly familiar nor completely separate to our own world.

Sigrid Holmwood Two Dairy Maids 2005

Sigrid Holmwood’s paintings of peasant life use handmade historical paints, period quill brushes and studio-ware dating from the sixteenth century. Holmwood seeks to make links between sixteenth century genre-painting and nineteenth century impressionism. As part of her research, she participates in historical re-enactments that accurately re-visit peasant life: the artist’s search for authenticity is as much the subject as the finished work.


Caroline List Bergholt Blue 2007

Caroline List’s paintings, like Capability Brown’s gardens of the 18th century, are carefully orchestrated to offer us the perfect viewpoint on a romantic vista. List will show paintings based on visits to Flatford Mill (Constable’s ‘Haywain’) and Newstead Abbey (Lord Byron’s garden). These familiar scenes are reworked combining the trace of the photographic with the stylistic play of painting, suggesting memories distorted by fantasy.


Erika Winstone Talent Show 2006

Erika Winstone presents ‘The Talent Show’. Drawn paintings and video works juxtapose an original musician’s performance with a staged recreation (in this case a children's talent show). Exploring the reinvention of identity via the mimicry of others, and investigating repetition and performance, Winstone spontaneously excavates the painting’s reflective surface using an electric drimel, layering verbal and visual rhythms in repetitive notations.


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