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Emily Allchurch & Laura White

9 May - 8 June 2003


Exposure was an exhibition of new works by two London based artists, both making use of mediated photographic imagery and light to create atmospheric works examining notions of the urban experience, simulation and the hyper-real.



Emily Allchurch's series of photographic lightboxes depict isolated, pedestrian spaces in the city as night falls. Although the images appear enticing, cast as they are in a silvery 'twilight', they are imbued with a sense of threat or urgency. On the boundary where one should and should not enter, the transition from day to night parallels the shift from safety to potential danger. Artificial illumination is used to draw the viewer into the work, while the compositions themselves offer only one way forward.


Laura White projects photographic imagery over architectural, modelled constructions. Cliched concepts reflecting concerns such as the sublime and its relationship to technology are explored through utopian and dystopian paradigms. Urban and rural landscapes sway between places of aspirational opportunity and celebration, and places of danger and vunerability. The mediated image produced in White's work questions the hybrid of real experience of the landscape and one that is artificially constructed.