s t a n d p o i n t

Barbara Howey

4 April - 4 May 2002


Standpoint Gallery hosted the first London showing of paintings by the Norwich based artist Barbara Howey.



The paintings deal with themes around memory, loss and the family. Subject matter for the images is drawn from old family photographs and movie stills, these combined with representations of textile prints from the 1940 - 60's. the textile patterns are used as a decorative painted background. The ground is covered with a white emulsion, Howey transcribes the photographic imagery into the wet white paint in order to constructa fabricated surface.

Through this visual language, Barbara Howey explores her own private memories of her relationship with her mother; the use of images of movie stars and the vintage fabric patterns allow Howey to effectively communicate her ideas at a more universal level, referencing shared cultural experience. The spatial ambiguity of the paintings' surface creates a visual and physical metaphor for how memory and desire cannot be wholly grasped or reconstitutes, that it mearly oscillates between past and present, the seen and unseen, the known and supposed.






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