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Andy Parsons

Sticks & Things

22 February - 23 March 2002

Andy Parsons is a London-based artist whose collection of works on paper, canvas and 'freestanding paintings', 'Sticks & Things', were shown for the first time at Standpoint Gallery.

The works in 'Sticks & Things' emanated from his earlier Barricade Series, (shown in London & Tokyo *), that contained distinct figurative references to characters and symbols denoting historical conflicts and political protests where hastily assembled structures were used as defences. 'Sticks & Things' although alluding to the earlier work, shows evidence of Parsons increasing preoccupation with the relationship between figure and ground.

Each work contains a dynamic between foreground figures and landscape vista backdrops. The pictoral components still have symbolic origins in historical visual culture, however, all Parsons current images and assemblages see the figurative element becoming derivative of representational reality and refined to suggestive forms.

Parsons preference for abstract forms deliberately aims at the viewers reflexive impulse to attribute figurative associations to the forms. All the paintings aim to present multiple narrative possibilities which can be seen as an acknowledgement that meaning does not necessarily need to be an absolute. Parsons regards this departure into ambiguity not as an abdication of his artistic responsibility, but as means of opening a dialogue between viewer and image.

This exchange makes it is possible to raise questions examining how we use pictures as a conductor for our own preoccupations and emotions, and how we define significance in visual imagery.

* 'Chu-Hi & Chips', APT Gallery - London; 'Barricades or things that get in the way', Gallery Sudo - Tokyo



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