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Rosie Leventon

The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2001

'The Bakery of Secrets'

Rosie Leventon showed new work, funded by the first Mark Tanner Award, at the Standpoint Gallery from the 19th September - 26th October 2002.



Making permanent and semi-permanent sculptural installations for interior and exterior settings, the origins of Leventons work stem from an interest in archaeology and its effects on contemporary society.

Selecting materials for their meaning, Leventon creates forms that challenge the viewer in unexpected ways, working to create a dialogue between material, form and space.

'The Bakery of Secrets' attempts to critique elements in society which she percieves as deliberately secretive, aiming to penetrate the veneer of decorum in order to reveal latent truths.

To this end, the artist has created five new sculptural pieces. These can be viewed as individual works, yet have been concieved to create a dialogue with one another through the gallery space and so ultimately may be seen as one installation.



Mark Tanner was a sculptor who trained at St. Martin's College of Art and had been associated with Standpoint since its inception. He worked mainly in steel, and was one of the first artists to show in Standpoint Gallery. He died in 1998 after a long illness.

The Mark Tanner Award was established in 2001, on the initiative of and with full sponsorship from a private charitable trust, to keep alive the passion and enthusiasm he had for the making of art.


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