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DIRTY HANDS & Revelations:

The Great Oxygenation Event

Abi Braley, Lydia Brockless, Abigail Burt, Araceli Gomez Castro, Arthur Cohen, Jenna Fox, Hugo Hutchins, Muhan Jiang, Esther Merinero, Mingxuan Nie, Katharina Siegel, Albeiro Tomedes, Margo Trushina, Yixin Zhang, Opper Zaman

RCA Sculpture

Exhibition: 13 -15 March 2020

Dirty Hands: to get your hands dirty; to work; to slog; hands on labour; to be involved with something dishonest; to cheat; defraud; filth; mysophobia; to contemplate the possibly that there are situations where there is no way to committing a moral wrong.

Revelation: A surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others; a divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence; an extremely pleasant surprise, an enlightening or astonishing disclosure.

Standpoint Gallery presented a collaborative exhibition of fifteen artists from RCA Sculpture exploring the notions of dirty hands and revelations.

The exhibition considered notions of dirty hands and revelations in a variety of forms. It is instinctive, tenacious and healing. It is ritualistic, it stretches you out and back in, and it lets the medium dictate the making.

The work has itself been a process of translation, creating from intuition into physical discoveries in a variety of forms. We have been working through uncertainty and failure and in so we have discovered that “letting go” can be the most powerful revelation.
Get muddy!

In getting deep under the surface and excavating, the artists have accumulated forces to question what should remain unspoken and what needs come out now onto their work. What visceral fears, thoughts and fictions have been kept inside that are now simmering to burst into the open air. What happens after the break down?

During the evening of the 12th, visitors were asked to anonymously unload their dirty secrets and revelations as they entered the space. These were then be read on the event day on Saturday the 14th during a collaborative performance that took place, along with the performance by Araceli Gomez Castro and sound workshop by Abigail Burt.

Dirty Hands & Revelations: The Great Oxygenation Event, formulated work made during a three week residency at Standpoint. In this time students worked daily in the gallery space and education studio, tapping into the expertise and diverse knowledge of Standpoint’s artists and makers.