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Lapped Seams and Silver Linings


Standpoint Gallery

Exhibition: Saturdays, 5-26 March 2022

Standpoint Gallery presented the second collaborative exhibition by the PRICK & STITCH ALLIANCE.

Prick & Stitch was a collaborative project devised by artists Denise de Cordova and Kate Davis. The project developed out of on-going conversations exploring notions of pricking and stitching as common processes present in their respective works.

Lapped Seams and Silver Linings was the second manifestation of the project and part of the Royal College of Art’s Sculpture programme’s annual Festus event.

Lapped Seams and Silver Linings showcased new work produced by the alliance, formed between sculpture students, tutors and invited guests during a residency at Standpoint. Members of the alliance worked together over an intensive fortnight of talks, practical workshops and surgeries, which presented and explored ideas around an expanded and reflective understanding of the notions of Prick, Stitch, Vent & Pound.

The 2021 Festus event was based on the notion of piercing material and matter, or embellishing a range of substances through penetration. This year the words Vent & Pound have been added to the alliance with members exploring the use of the written or the spoken word, and materials that speak of mass.

PRICK, STITCH, VENT & POUND ALLIANCE 2022: Kate Davis, Denise de Cordova, Emma Benyon, New North Press Charlie Godet Thomas, Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer, Asher Levitas, Jiachen Zeng, Tianai Hu, Emma Sheehy, Mary Pedicini, Ron Ziser, Steven He, Congcong Wu, Wenjie Yu, Ka Shing Chau, Yingming Chen, Clare Holdstock, Eleanor McLean, Marita Pappa, Jiujian Zeng, Ziyi Zhou, Abigail Norris, Jessica Mardon, Wei Wei, Sylke van der Heiden, Samuel Dominguez, Ramona Woodruff, Leanola Rose Kara, Kaori Jones, Franziska Maria Windolf, Patrick Jones, Victor Nyberg, Lester Korzilius, Kuan-Yin Fang, Ramzi Mallat, Rafaella Lazarou.