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Interview with Olivia Bax

Alexandra Lunn Studio

This month we're over the moon to share with you an interview with London based sculptor Olivia Bax who has got us thinking about the way we see things...
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June 2019

2019-20 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award: Olivia Bax wins £8,000 prize for emerging artists

a-n The Artists Information Company

A London-based artist who creates large-scale sculptural forms composed of steel, chicken wire and paper pulp has won the 2019-20 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award (MTSA)...
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May 2019

Studio visit: Anna Reading

Boundary Magazine

Anna Reading is a London-based artist working from her studio at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, a non-profit artist space set in north London’s Archway. Crafting sculptures primarily from found materials, Reading conjures looming statues from other worlds...
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April 2019

Wilding & Richardson wow in South Kensington

The Art Newspaper

The show is a dialogue between Wilding and Leeds-born Frances Richardson who is showing Because the two parts don’t quite touch (2019)—a looped structure surrounded by a pair of boulders—among other works. Asked if her works dovetail with Wilding's, she says...
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April 2019

Rebecca Scott Beneath The Silk and Gloss – Jude Cowan Montague


Rebecca Scott’s huge oil paintings of defaced magazine pages. It’s a visceral exhibition by a confident painter, secure in her style, able to wow us with colour. Look at the young women in their orangey-red, glowing towards us in burnt scarlet, in cherry-red satsuma, leering out of a dark teal scene…
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Jan 2019

Review: Frances Richardson ‘Not even nothing can be free of ghosts’


This year’s awardee, Frances Richardson, is showing a body of new work investigating the dualities of objects and space, thought and measurement, emotions and intellect...
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Dec 2018


The MTSA: an Award based on Friendship

Sculpture Network

The MTSA promotes emerging artists in three-dimensional art. But who is behind the award? What criteria does an application have to meet. And what do the last two winners have to say about the award? We found out for you...
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Oct 2018


Frances Richardson Tanner Prize Exhibition Opens At Cross Lane Projects Kendal


Frances Richardson: Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, welcomes a major UK sculpture award as it is shown outside of London for the first time.
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Oct 2018


Frances Richardson chooses her Masterpiece in a Nutshell


On the occasion of her Mark Tanner Sculpture Award exhibition at Standpoint Gallery, Frances Richardson, the 2017-18 winner, selects Still Water for 3rd Dimension’s ‘Masterpiece in a Nutshell’ series...
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July 2018

Anna Reading wins the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2018-19

Art Review

Anna Reading has been announced as the winner of the 2018–2019 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award... continue reading

May 2018

Anna Reading wins the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2018-19

a-n The Artists Information Company

Chosen from a shortlist of eight, London-based artist Anna Reading has won the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2018-19... continue reading

May 2018

Beth Collar: Thinking Here Of How The Words Formulate Inside My Head As I Am Just Thinking

Exhibition at Matt’s Gallery

Beth Collar’s Thinking Here Of How The Words Formulate Inside My Head As I Am Just Thinking draws its title from a previous performance by the artist... continue reading

May 2018

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award shortlist announced

a-n The Artists Information Company

The eight shortlisted artists for the £8,000 award which offers the winner both financial support towards the production of new work and a solo exhibition at Standpoint Gallery, London, are... continue reading

April 2018

Beth Collar: No, No, No, No at Cell Project Space review

this is tomorrow

Without a doubt repetition and appropriation are crucial concepts in contemporary art practice. Employing a wide selection of media that ranges from video installation and sculpture to photography and drawing... continue reading

February 2018

Peter Ashton Jones

Interview with Floorr Magazine

"I’m in the studio almost every day, and usually begin the day with two to three hours of thinking, almost as if I’m finding or retracing my way back into a painting..." continue reading

June 2017

Frances Richardson wins 2017–2018 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award

Art Review

Frances Richardson has been announced as the winner of the 2017–2018 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award... continue reading

April 2017

Young artist to watch...Kate Lyddon

FAD Magazine

Kate Lyddon is a multi-disciplinary artist working across drawing, painting and sculpture, her work explores the boundaries of what is considered normal and what is perverse... continue reading

September 2016

A Q&A with… Beth Collar, artist

a-n The Artists Information Company

Pippa Koszerek talks to artist Beth Collar about how a 2014 residency at Glasgow Women's Library has influenced the sculptures that she is currently showing... continue reading

August 2016

Beth Collar wins The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2016-17

a-n The Artists Information Company

Bristol based artist wins £8,000 award to create new work for solo exhibition at artist-run London gallery Standpoint in 2017... continue reading

March 2016