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Niccolo Binda

Residency Artist 2022

Niccolo Binda Residency Presentation
Standpoint - Residency Studio

Exhibition: 10 November 2022, 6-8pm

Standpoint presented an open studio event with Niccolo Binda to celebrate the end of his residency at Standpoint. Niccolo presented a number of new works created during his residency and introduce visitors to his practice.

Niccolo’s work focuses on industrial manufacturing techniques. Using overlooked elements from the street as a starting point to create objects that look like they could have been lifted directly from the pavement. Exploring themes of banality, mass production and the hidden work that goes into building a city. Made with painstaking care and presented as low-relief, wall-based sculpture, the work transforms our perception on the mundane details of the urban landscape. They have a warm, soft hazy façade. However, underneath the polished surface a darker reality lurks.

Standpoint residencies facilitate artist development and enable the production of new work in a supportive environment, encouraging artistic exchange and collective working. The 8 week residencies are designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants.

Niccolo Binda (b.1996) is an Italian born artist living and working in London, UK. He graduated from BA (Hons) Drawing, Camberwell College of the Arts (UAL), London 2016 – 2020, during that time he studied a Diploma, Sculpture and Transmedial Space, Kunstuniversität, Linz, Austria in 2017 – 2018.