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The Window

A temporary gallery space presenting a series of site-specific installations.

July-August 2019

New North Press

New North Press present a series of posters made at the Letterpress Workers International Summit 2019. LPW is an annual meeting of letterpress designers from across the world where printers work together on a common theme, sharing their knowledge and experience.

New North Press hold regular public workshops offering a hands-on introduction to the craft of letterpress. For upcoming dates visit New North Press

September 2018


SooMin Leong

SooMin Leong (b. 1984 Malaysia) is fascinated by the transition from one place to another. The anticipation of surprise, revealing the unknown, is expressed in her photographic constructions; each piece a story informed by a particular experience or impression of a place. Leong’s practice is inspired by printmaking as a traveling process – the physical journey similar to the transition of block to print. Gateways, such as a path or door, are carefully cut and layered, revealing new destinations and hidden corners that are often neglected while travelling.

Leong currently lives and works in London as a multi-disciplinary artist and freelance printmaker. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore, 2007 and a MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at University of West of England in 2011.

July – August 2018


The Standpoint Psalter

Peter Ashton Jones

A psalter is a medieval book or volume containing the Book of Psalms. Until the emergence of the Book of Hours, psalters were usually owned by wealthy lay people and were commonly used for private devotion and learning to read.

The title of a psalter usually refers to the maker or the artist’s workshop, such as the famous Tickhill Psalter, which was produced by John Tickhill in Nottinghamshire and is now in the New York Public Library. For Ashton Jones the notebook or sketchbook is central to the gathering and collecting of images and ideas from and about the visual world.